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Full text of "Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association, 1909."

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Bear Creek Primitive 
Baptist Association 


KUlor .1. F. MillK, Moderator 

.1. W. JoiteH, Clerk, Marshville, N. R. 1 


Bear Creek Primitive 
Baptist Association 

Twenty-Fifth Spring Session. Held with the 
Church at Jones Hill, Stanley County, N. C, 
commencing" Saturday before the first Sunday in 
May, 1909. 

Also of the Seventy-Eighth Annual or Fall Ses- 
sion, held with the church at Crooked Creek, 
Union County, N. C, commencing on Saturday 
before the first Sunday in October, 1909. 

Compiled and Distributed 

J. W. Jones, Clerk, Marshville,N.C.,R. 1 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 


Bear Creek Association 


Jones Hill, Stanley county, N. C. 
MAY 1ST, 1909. 

Assembled at the stand at 11 o'clock and the intro- 
ductory sermon was preached by Elder J. E. Williams; 
text 2nd Tim. iv. 2. 

Intermission one hour ; then met in the schoolhouse ; 
the moderator and clerk having not yet arrived on ac- 
count of high water. 

Praise and prayer by Elder C. A. Davis. Elder J. 
E. Williams was then called to act as temporary modera- 
tor and Brother Aaron Furr clerk pro tem. 

1. Called for and read letters from the churches. 

2. Received a petition from a newly constituted 
church at Concord, asking admittance in this association. 
The church was duly received and their messenger seated, 

3. Invited messengers from sister associations to 
seats. Present from Abbott's Creek were, Elders C. A. 
Davis, and from Mill Branch, Elder Thomas Bell. Breth- 
ren Caudill and McCaskill were also present as visitors. 

4. Invited visiting brethren from sister associations 
to seats. 

5. Appointed on Committee of Arrangements — 

Brethren J. S. Little, W. H. Hinson and Elder H. M. Wil- 
liams, including moderator and clerk, and that the min- 
isters arrange preaching for tomorrow among themselves. 

6. Adjourned to 9 a. m. Monday. 

Preaching Saturday evening by Elders Davis and 


Service today at the stand, first, by Elder Thomas 
Bell ; text, Matthew xiii. 33 ; second, Elder W. R. Helms, 
no special text. 

Intermission one hour, then services continued by 
Elder A. G. Morton, text not noted. Then Elder Henry 
Taylor, text, ''Go over and take possession," etc., followed 
and closed by Elder C. A. Davis, text Proverbs xxx. 24. 



Met pursuant to adjournment. Praise and prayer by 
Elder Thos. Bell. 

Elder J. E. Williams, moderator pro tem, then an- 
nounced the presence of Elder J. F. Mills and J. W. Jones 
and the association reseated them as moderator and clerk 
and proceeded to business. 

7. Called on Committee on Arrangements to report. 
Report submitted and adopted. 

8. Called names of messengers and read Rules of 

9. Called on corresponding messengers from sister 
associations to report. Those present reported. 

Received minutes from Abbott's Creek and Senter. 

10. Called on corresponding messengers to sister 
associations to report. Elder Mills attended Mill Branch 
and had good meeting. 


11. Called on presbyteries to report. Elder J. E. 
Williams reported that he and Elders B. L. Treece, 
W. R. Helms and H. M. Williams formed a presbytery at 
Concord, N. C, on April 15, 1909, and constituted there a 
church of Primitive Baptist faith and order. 

12. Returned thanks to God, this church and vicini- 
ty for kindness and hospitality during this meeting. 

13. That we appoint Elder J. F. Mills and J. W. 
Jones a committee to prepare a suitable sketch of the late 
Elder S. C. Little for our minutes next fall. 

14. Adjourned to time and place mentioned in last 

While in session in the house preaching at the stand 
by Elders Thos. Bell and C. A. Davis. Peace and love 
prevailed. ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator. 

J. W. JONES, Clerk. 



OCTOBER 2ND, 1909. 

Crooked Creek, Union County, N, C. 
Assembled at the stand at 11 o'clock a. m. 
• Service commenced with singing and prayer by El- 
der J. F. Mills. Introductory sermon preached by Elder 
Walter Edwards. 

Intermission one hour, then the ministers and mes- 
sengers convened in the house. Praise and prayer by 
Elder Thos. B. Little. 

Elder Mills then called the association to order. 

1. Called for and read letters from the churches. 

2. Reelected Elder J. F. Mills moderator and J. W. 
Jones clerk. 

3. Called for petitionary letters, when a letter with 


messengers was presented from a newly constituted 
church at Brooms Grove, Union County, N. C, asking for 
membership in this association, which was granted, the 
moderator extending to said messengers the right hand of 
fellowship on behalf of the association. 

4. Invited messengers from sister associations to 

5. Invited visiting brethren from sister associations 
to seats. 

6. Appointed as a Committee on Arrangements — 
Brethren Aaron Furr, S. L. Mullis and J. M. Austin, with 
moderator and clerk. 

7. Committee on Finance — Brethren Aaron Furr 
and D. B. Howard. 

8. Elected by ballot Elders Thos. B. Little, C. A. 
Davis, W. T. Broadway and B. L. Treece to preach at the 
stand Sunday. Services to commence at 10 o'clock a. m. 

9. Adjourned to half -past nine Monday morning. 
Saturaay evening service was conducted at the stand 

by Elders T. B. Little and C. A. Davis. 



Service conducted at the stand, first, Elder Thos. B. 
Little, text, will go before thee and make crooked ways 
straight," etc. Second, Elder C. A. Davis, text, "The 
wages of sin is death," etc. 

Intermission one hour. 

Third, Elder W. T. Bfoadway, text, "I am the good 
Shepherd and know my sheep, etc. Fourth, Elder B. L. 
Treece, text, "By grace are ye saved," etc. 

The word was preached with power and much feel- 
ing: and received joj^ully. 

(4) V 



Reassembled in the house pursuant to adjournment. 
Praise and prayer by Brother A. J. Taylor. 

11. Called on Arrangement Committee to report. 
The same submitted, adopted and committee discharged. 

12. Called names of messengers, noted absentees, 
and read Rules of Decorum. 

13. Called on corresponding messengers from sister 
associations to report. Elder W. T. Broadway reported 
that he and Elder Gallemore were present as mes- 
sengers from Abbott's Creek and wished to continue our 
correspondence. Also Elder C. A. Davis from Abbott's 
Creek was present as visitor. 

From Silver Creek Brother Foster Beam was present 
as messenger, with minutes, and Brother A. J. Taylor 
as visitor. 

Minutes from Mill Branch. And Elder T. B. Little 
visitor from Arkansas. 

14. Called on corresponding messengers to sister 
associations to report. Some attended, others failed and 
were, excused. 

15. Appointed correspondence with sister associa- 
tions thus : 

To Abbott's Creek, Elders Henry Taylor, V(, R. 
Helms, H. M. Williams and minutes. 

To Mill Branch, Elders J. F. Mills, Henry Taylor, 
Wa'lter Edwards and Brethren S. Edwards, W. E. Wil- 
liams and minutes. 

To Silver Creek, Elder H. M. Williams and minutes. 

To Senter, Minutes. 

To Mountain District, Minutes. 

16. Called oft presbyteries to report. Eider Henry 
Taylor reported that he and Elders J. F. Mills, H. 


M. Williams and several brother deacons met at Broom's 
Grove, in Union county, N. C, on September 17, 1909, and 
formed a presbjrtery and constituted a church of the 
Primitive Baptist faith and order. 

17. Treasurer reported funds on hand from last 
year, $7.50. 

18. Finance Committee reported sent up this year,, 
$30.00. Total funds, $37.80. 

Donated the sum of one dollar to each minister pres- 
ent (thirteen in number) as follows : Thos. B. Little, 
A. Davis, W. T. Broadway, W. R. Gallemore, A. J. Tay- 
lor, J. F. Mills, Walter Edwards, W. R. Helms, Henry 
Taylor, H. M. Williams, A. G. Morton, B. L. Treece and 
J. E. Williams; leaving a balance of $24.80. 

19. That our Articles of Faith and Rules of Deco- 
rum be published in these minutes. 

20. That the next spring session be held with the 
church at Concord, Cabaras county, N. C, and commence 
on Saturday before the first Sunday in May, 1910. That 
Elder Henry Taylor preach the introductory sermon ; El- 
der J. F. Mills alternate ; and that the annual or fall ses- 
sion be held with the church at Liberty, Union coi^nty, 
N. C, commencing on Saturday before the first Sunday in 
October, 1910 ; Elder B. L. Treece to preach the introduc- 
tory sermon ; Elder W. R. Helms alternate. 

21. That we request Elder Gold to publish notices 
of above sessions in the Landmark. 

22. That the clerk superintend the printing of 700 
copies of these minutes, distribute as usual, and that we 
allow eight dollars ($8.00) for clerk services. 

23. Read and approved the memorial prepared on 
the life and death of the late Elder S. C. Little, and or- 
dered the same appended to these minutes, and also that 
it be transferred to a page in the association book. 


24. Tkat we return thanks to God, this church and 
the people of this community for kindness and hospitali- 
ty during this meeting. 

25. Adjourned to time and place above written. 
While the association was in session in the house 

preaching services were conducted at the stand by Elders 
Gallemore, Morton and Little. 

Love, peace and good fellowship prevailed through- 
out this meeting. To the Lord belongeth all the praise. 

ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator. 

J. W. JONES, Clerk, Marshville, N. C. 



Article 1. We believe in one only living and true God, the Fath- 
er, the Word and the Holy Ghost. 

2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first of all God's 
creation and the pattern of all God's perfection in nature, provi- 
dence, grace and glory, and in relative union with the divine word, 
and thus united with the whole Trinity. 

3. We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testa- 
ments contain the only written revealed word of God, and are 
the only perfect rule of faith and practice for God*s church in her 
militant state while here on earth. 

4. We believe the doctrine of election, that God chose his 
church in Christ Jesus before the world began. 

5. We believe i nail mankind's apostacy by transgression in 
Adam, their federal head. 

6. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 

7. We believe in the impotency of man to recover himself 

8. We believe that sinners are justified freely by grace an^ 
from his fallen state by his own free will and ability. 

before God by faith in Christ and his righteousness only. 

9. We believe that God's elect or church shall be called, con- 
verted, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit in due time. 

10. We believe that the saints shall persevere in grace and 
never finally fall away. 

11. We believe that baptism and the Lord's Supper are or- 
dinances of Christ's appoinment and that believers alone are the 
subjects, of baptism and the only proper communicants of the sup- 
per, that the mode of baptism is emmersion, and that neither of the 
ordinances is to be altered or changed by the inventions or opinions, 
of men. 


T2. We believe that no man as a minister has a right to the 
administration of any of the ordinances of the gospel except such 
as are sound in the faith of thegospel, regularly baptized, called 

' of God and have come under the imposition of hands by a regular 


13. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, both the just 
■ and the unjust, and general judgement, 

14. We believe that thepunishment of thewicked will be ever- 
lasting and the joys of the righteous eternal. 


1. A moderator, or cheif speaker, and clerk may be chosen 
"by the suffernge of the members present. 

2. The chief speaker, or moderator, shall take his seat at the 
hour to which the association shall be adjourned, and after prayer 
shall proceed to business. It shall be his duty to keep order, and 
shal Ibe entitled to the same privilege of speech as that of another; 
provided he appoint one of the members to fill the chair during the 
exercise of such privilege, and in no case shall give a vote unless 
the association be equally divided. 

3. Only one member shall be allowed to speak at a time, who 
shall rise from his seat and address, the chief speaker by the appel- 
lation of brother, and while speaking shall confine himself strictly 
to the subject in question, and shall not be interrupted unless he 
digress from the subject, and shall in no wise reflect on any other 
speaker, so as to make remarks on his slips and failings and imper- 
fections, but shall fairly give his own views of the case without 

,s,ophistry or criticism. 

4. No person shall speak more than three times on one sub- 
ject without leave of the association. 

5. No person shall absent himself from the association without 

6. No member of the association shall addsess, any other mem- 
Tber by any other term or name than that of brother. 

7. The chief speaker, or moderator, shall not interrupt one 
member to prohibit him from speaking until his speech is finished, 
except he break the Rules of Decorum. 

7. The names of all the members of this association sliall be 
enrolled by the clerk, and be called over as often as the association 
may require. 

Any member who ahall willingly nad knowingly break or vio- 
late any of the foregoing rules of this association shal be reproved 
.by the association in any way they may think proper. 




Left over from last year ... $ 7 50 

Sent up by the churches, this year 30 30 

Total $37 80 

Donated to ministers $13 00 

For printing these minutes 15 00 

Allowance to clerk 8 00 

Total paid out $36 00 $36 00 

Left on hand $ 1 80 


Elder J. F. Mills, Marshville, N. C. 
Elder A. G. Morton, Palistine, N. C. 
Elder J. E. Williams, Bloomington, N. C. 
Elder Jesse Brown, Cagles Mill, N. C. 
Elder W. R. Helms, Mooresville, N. C. 
Elder H. M. Williams, Indian Trail, N. C. 
Elder Walter Edwards, Wingate, N. C. 
Elder Henry Taylor, Monroe, N. C. 
Elder B. L. Treece, Albermarle, N. C. 

Elder S. C. Little. 

Elder S. C. Little was born in Stanley county, N. C, January 
5, 1823, and died in his native county November 2, 1S08. He joined 
the Priio^tive Baptist ct^urch in early life and was ordained ^ min- 
ister of the gospel in 1868. In the death of this gifted and devoted 
father in Is,rael this association has lost an able and wise councellor 
and fearless defender of our faith. He was a true patriot, and well 
may we say that a prince in Israel has fallen. We deeply feel this 
loss, but our faith and confidence in his life and profession is such 
that we bow in submission and abide in the full assurance that our 
dear departed brother is now at rest. Let us remember the life and 
character of this dear saint an dperpetuate his memory by following 
his wise council when living. Who so long and faithfully presided 
over this our association as moderator, and who sp truly guided in 
the path of peace and safety. We hold the name and life of Elder 
Singleton C. Little as a sacred legacy and con only hope to die as 
he died in the full triumphs of a gospel and living faith. Written 
for and on behalf of the association. 





Bear Creek — Elder J. E. Williams, Aaron Furr, J. A. Barbee. 
Bethany— N. G. Jones,* W. A. Dry.* 
Concord — William Whitley. 

Crooked Creek — W. D. Benton, J. M. Austin, H. E. Rowell. 
Clark's Grove — J. F. Howell, S. B. Tucker, E. Barbee. 
Freedom — C. S. Medlin, A. J. Dees,. 

High Hill— Elder H. Taylor, W. E. Williams, Elder W. R, Helms. 
Howard's Chapel — P. A. Howard, R. B. Burris, J. S. Curlee 
Jerusalem — Joe Thomas,* W. A. Helms,* J. W. Godwin. 
Jones' Hill— N. W. Hathcock, A. A. Morton, W. H. Howard. 
Liberty — J. W. Helms,* S. W. Eason, Elder H. Taylor proxy. 
Liberty Hill— Elder H. M. Williams, W. H. Hinson, C. W. Safley. 
Lawyer's Spring — J. W. Jones, Thos. Tyson, S. Edwards. 
Meadow Creek — H. Shoe, J. A. Barbee, D. M. Hathcock. 
Mountain Creek — A. Vanhoy, J. E. Russell, Elder B. L. Treece. 
Pleasant Hill— H. P. Cashion, J. M. Stamper,* J. S. Norris. 
Pleasant Grove — ^^Sim Thomas, J. A. Jones, T. A. Helms. 
Running Creek — G. M. Tucker, W. Alman, J. H. McClure. 
Union Grove— T. F. Hill, T. A. McClellan,* A. E. Little. 
Watson — S. L. Mullis, E. C. Williams, Joel Mullis. 
Wadesboro — Adam Green,* A. D. Maness,* W. D. Edwards. 
Absentees marked thus, * 


su p ^ CD (t> 2 ™ 5 

s ^ s 3 

. • « cr> h— I 

;5 hjo m"-* '^(D 3 
^ - ■ . . a>\^ 

- V - S> 


CD 03 3 23 O 

3 3"^ 3'ft> 

<! ►I 3 o <! 
^- M 5a C 


O-^^CD O 


o &P 

;> > 02 n 

O CD 2 O g 

CD ^ 


: Q 


2 ? P 

O - 3 O o 

'"CD — 




_ o 


CD 3 O P 




o s 

^ CD w 


CD W • d 

2. 33 

-■^ CD h-l 




_j O S-^ u_i ^ ^ ^ 

J I— ■ 

^ ffi d K 



^ -J ' CD ^ 


CD 3 


^ ^ CD . 

Qi - CD 



^3 3 

lO 1-1 i_i |_i . h-l CO 

3 W 









PU'B 'dxa T^q 



~a OS 05 o as OS as 

to i-i ts2 CO CO h-i i-i so to 

a> to -3 t-i wxi hi^ 

(iiqsA\.on9wd[ ^1 


bS to 1-1 M t 

^^pung uoiunuiuioo 

-orqcFq ! 

q:^uoi\[ uoiunuiuiOQ 



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